Venue Owners, Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators

MCP happily works with dozens of wedding planners and event coordinators each year. My experience has been that communication is key to a successful working relationship!  

If our shared client has hired me and you are reaching out to coordinate the smooth provision of services please:

1. Email me any event schedule you have available,

2. Provide your cell phone in case of emergencies,

3. Ask questions, make suggestions, and share any information you feel will be pertinent to making the event a success!

If you are hiring me please be sure to clearly explain the following:

1. Are you hiring me to act as an in-house photographer or is it clear to your clients that I am an established photographer that works with, not for, you?

2. If you are hiring me as an in-house photographer do you want the images shared via my site and social media resources?

3. What time frames do you have for delivery of the final product, and how, and to whom do you want the final images delivered?


Matthew Chambers Photography does hire models from time to time upon client need/request. Please be clear that when models are hired, they are independent contractors, and will be paid cash at the time of the shoot.

As a general rule while MCP may issue the models calls and invitations the client has the final approval for model selection. Lastly, models are expected to be on time, ready to go into hair and make-up, wardrobe, or to shoot depending on the agreement. Be aware that being fashionably late for a paid shoot may result in you being fashionably unemployed as clients are paying for not only the model, but the HMU artist, photographer, and their staff as well. 

MCP does offer "TFP" or trade for print shoots from time to time. Please email [email protected] and simply ask if we have any openings for trade shoots or if you have a concept feel free to throw it out there. MCP is committed to help creatives fulfill their vision and potential!